Saturday, 4 December 2010

Seventh Calling - Epidemic

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track Listing -
01. Test of Time
02. Paid in Blood
03. Rising Against
04. Epidemic
05. Ignite the Fire
06. Death Dealer
07. Fractured
08. Tyrannical Reign
09. Beyond (the Wicked Lies)

U.S metal merchants return with their second album in the form of Epidemic, bringing us their own mix of traditional heavy metal mixed with a little speed and thrash metal for good measure.
Although Seventh Calling have managed to carve out their own sound you can hear similarities with bands like Vicious Rumors and Metal Church, yet they do always maintain their own identity. Song wise, it’s all good here, and it’s great to hear a young band that’s not afraid to play this kind of music, and play it well too. The riffs come fast and furious with a dirty swagger too, and Steve Handel's vocals soar in the same vein to those of the almighty Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and at times even King Diamond (King Diamond / Mercyiful Fate). There’s not a duff track on this album, but a few of the standouts include, 9 minute epic closing track, Beyond (the Wicked Lies), Fractured, Rising Against and Ignite The Fire.
A great album that I can see all metal fans, from Metallica to Iron Maiden, from Slayer to Judas Priest, enjoying a good old fashioned slam in the mosh pit too!

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Rating 9/10

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