Saturday, 4 December 2010

Overlord - Back in the Dragons Lair

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. X-Rated Man
02. Messiah Comes
03. Distant Orphan
04. (Prelude) Endless Sun
05. Walk Softly
06. Midnite Flight
07. Nice Life
08. The Storm
09. White Witch
10. Desert Door
11. Subterranean Spiral Dance
12. Mind Slide
13. Wings of Stone
14. White Lightning
15. Never Enough
16. Ran Away

Originally formed back in Canada in 1983, Overlord played that’s kind of metal that was rife back then. Galloping guitars and bass lines, like a softer Iron Maiden and generally typical of NWoBHM, with soaring vocals. This album is a re issue of the band’s debut EP and a collection of demos that followed between 1988 and 1993, when the band decided to call it a day. Due to a sudden and unexpected upsurge in interest at the turn of the millennium, mainly from Europe, the band briefly reunited in 2001 but this failed to last and the band swiftly parted once again.
This compilation, a kind of anthology over the bands works, was originally released back in 2003 independently, but this time is re-issued through those wonderful people at Heaven and Hell Records.
After listening to this album a few times I can see why it never quite happened for Overlord. Yes they started off with some great tunes, but as the years went by they seem to have lost their edge, becoming clumsy and repetitive, unfortunate really as you can clearly hear the bands potential on the opening few tracks.
A small glimpse of what might have been, maybe, on a whole a great over view of a band, but really only recommended for existing fans.

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Rating - 7/10

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