Saturday, 4 December 2010

Slag in Cullet - Time To Explode

(Genre - Alternative / Rock / Metal Label - Headroom Records)

Track Listing -
01 - Time To Explode
02 - Blame
03 - My Fire
04 - Rubber Heart
05 - Sick Circus Of Love
06 - Saved My Soul
07 - Those Stripes
08 -Fade Away
09 - In Memories
10 - Cotton rose

Debut full length album from Slag in Cullet, Time To Explode does just that from the opening riffs of the opening title track. There’s enough power here to keep the average metal fan happy, yet also there’s plenty of calmer quirkier moments to keep things interesting for alternative / prog fans.
To be honest after the opening track the album does tend to lose a little of its pace and power, with only Rubber Heart matching the opener's intensity.
After a little while some of the songs start to sound a little repetitive, but enjoyable none the same.
Stand out tracks include, Time To Explode, Rubber Heart, Cotton Rose and Sick Circus Of love.

Website -!/pages/slag-in-cullet/58736419320

Rating 8/10

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