Monday, 20 December 2010

Hollywood Killerz - Dead On Arrival

Genre - Glam / Punk / Rock
Label - Logic(Il)Logic

Tracklisting -
01. 700.000
02. Grey Celebrations
03. Luxury Depression
04. Girls ® Dead
05. How (Could I)
06. Going Down
07. Somewhere Out of This Mind
08. All Tomorrow's Parties
09. Over and Over
10. Through the Sand
11. Our Memories May Be Right
12. Lovecrash
13. More Than It Hurts You

Italian glam rock punksters unleash Dead On Arrival upon us, their debut album which can be best described as classic 80's influenced glam /sleaze / punk / hair metal ala the likes of Hanoi Rocks Tigertailz and Wrathchild etc. They pull it off really well, almost single handedly creating a glam scene back in their native Italy with the forming of Italy's longest running Glam festival 'Glam Attakk',
The 13 tracks on show here showcase the different sides to Hollywood Killerz, from the glam punk rage of 700.000 and Lovecrash to the hard-rock-meets-disco-beat of Over & Over. How (Could I) is a slow moody power ballad whilst Through The Sand and Our Memories Could Be Right show case the experimental side to the bands song writing.
A solid debut, I look forward to hearing more from these guys!

website -
rating - 8/10


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    Thank you
    Brad Fallon

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