Monday, 20 December 2010

Scarlet Violet - Roll The Dice EP

Genre - Metal / Punk / Rock
Label - SLIPTRICK RECORDS (Worldwide Distribution)

Tracklisting -
01 - Roll The Dice
02 - Kill Me
03 - Its Over
04 - Drunk On Elm Street

With a more melodic metal sound to them than the previous out and out glam of previous releases Scarlet Violet deliver up their new four track Ep in the form of Roll The Dice. To help achieve their slight change in direction the band have enlisted the production and mixing services of one Andy LaRocque, the ultra talented guitarist from King Diamond!
The new tracks have a much harder edge to them as can really be seen on Kill Me.
All four tracks are great and diverse from the tempo and pace of Roll The Dice, The Aggression of Kill Me, the stomping of Its Over to the pure rocking Drunk On Elm Street (I guess the bands ode to the classic Nightmare On Elm Street movies!)
A great Ep, and I’m really loving the bands new sound.
Well worth checking out!

Website -
Rating 9/10

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