Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ritual - Ancient Tome

(Genre - Metal / Hard Rock Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. Give It To Ya Straight
02. Get Back, Stand Back
03. No Longer Feel
04. Tight
05. Let the Metal Play
06. If I Had Your Love
07. Rock & Roll Demon
08. Claw To the Top
09. Evil In Your Heart
10. Love in the Shadows
11. Friend or Foe
12. Dark Star
13. Rid of the Bitch
14. Sweet Lady
15. Overload
16. Electrified

Ancient Tome is a collection of standout tracks from Ritual, a band that at one point were considered to be New Jerseys most promising band! Unfortunately for whatever reason, Ritual failed to crack mainstream success and grab a hold of that elusive record deal. The band’s sound is definitely melodic metal / hard rock, in the vein of Motley Crue, Quite Riot etc.
The songs displayed here are all of high standards even though there’s nothing here that was ever going to set the world on fire. As an album, Ancient Tome sets itself up very well, there’s a good and varied mix of material and styles here to keep the listener interested. This album will probably find more favor amongst the fans of 80's hard rock / hair metal, although I can see Steel panther fans loving it too!
A good overview of a bands output, a short stroll down memory lane if you will.
Well worth checking out if you remember the band, or are a fan of the genre of music, or even just a fan of 80's hair metal bands.

website -
rating - 7/10

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