Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Queen - News Of The World (2011 Deluxe Remaster)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Glam / Pop
Label - Island Records

Track listing -

01 – We Will Rock You
02 – We Are The Champions
03 – Sheer Heart Attack
04 – All Dead, All Dead
05 – Spread Your Wings
06 – Fight From The Inside
07 – Get Down, Make Love
08 – Sleeping On The Sidewalk
09 – Who Needs You
10 – It’s Late
11 – My Melancholy Blues

01 – Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977)
02 – Spread Your Wings (BBC Session, October 1977)
03 – My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session, October 1977)
04 – Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris, February 1979)
05 – We Will Rock You (Fast) (Live in Tokyo, November 1982)

Originall released back in 1997 hot on the heels of A Day at the Races, News of The World was probably the last all out 'Rock' album produced by Queen. Featuring future anthems such as We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions along side true classic such as Sheer Heart Attack, Its Late and My Melancholy Blues. News Of the Worldd truley is a great album, and this 2011 remaster just makes it sound even better! A great sound that seems to breathe life into every song, allowing every single sound to make itself heard. The bonus tracks here are interesting, demo version of Feelings Feelings, a song probably rather familar to hard core collectors, a great little rock track, and great to hear such a great sounding version at last, we also get two of the era's BBC session tracks and two previously unreleased live tracks. Again I'd rather have had a few more demo's from the archive but on the whole this is a great re-release.

Website - www.queen-online.com
Rating - 9/10

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