Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Itch - Spreading Like Wildfire

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Rambo Music

Track listing -

01. Calling Me Back
02. Action
03. The Catalyst
04. Propaganda
05. No Friend Of Mine
06. Pain
07. Bring In The Wine
08. Sold My Soul
09. Mother (Acoustic)
10. If You Could See
11. Losing My Mind

The Itch hail from the south of Sweden, a country that has given the world a huge amount of talented rock bands over the past few years!
They consists of lead singer (and former Tenebre guitarist) Lukas Landerö, Magnus Wahlberg on guitar, Johan Helgesson on the drums and Tobbe Skogh on bass, and deliver an infectious blend of hard rock and blues!
from the opening track you know that you are going to enjoy the ride, with the bands sound being a in the same vein as bands like The Answer, Electric Mary, Roadstar and Heavens Basement with a few punk elements thrown in here and there.
Spreading Like Wildfire is a very infectious album, a pretty diverse album ranging from straight ahead rockers to heavy riffsters and the acoustic interlude.
Well worth checking out!
Highly recommended!

Website - The Itch
Rating - 10/10

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