Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nightvision - Consequence Of Sin

Genre - Hard Rock / Metal / Sleaze
Label - Rocksector Records

Track listing -

01 - So Many Lies
02 - Sob Story
03 - Words Like Bullets
04 - Long Way From Home
05 - Nowhere To Hide
06 - Find Me
07 - What Makes You Bad
08 - Enter Escapism
09 - Nothing To Lose
10 - Petrol & Practise
11 - Mirrors & Smoke
12 - Post Tour Blues

"Nightvision are a four piece hard rock band from Lincolnshire, UK. They formed in 2003. Nightvision have played with bands like Diamond Head, Fozzy, The Imperial Vipers, IwasACubScout, New Generation Superstars, Sweet Seduction, Patchwork Grace, Forever Never, From Almost the End, Kid Ego, Disarm and many more. Nightvision, now signed with Manchester label, Rocksector Records released their debut album ‘As The Lights Go Down’ on 6th April 2009 followed by a series of gigs across the UK to promote the album and raise the profile of the band."

Consequence of Sin is the bands follow up album and its solid on all fronts. With this album the band have really raised their game, pushing eveything up a notch from the songs to the performancies, the band has refined their performance and it shows through in their sound as it comes together and meshes a lot better this time around. The songs are also quite a bit heavier than the previous offering, which may delight the metal fans out there! Opening track, So Many Lies is a good example of how their style has changed as it really sets the pace for some of the future songs.
There is some truly blistering guitar work on display here too, just check out the riffs on Sob Story!

Consequence Of Sin is a great album that should appeal to many rock and metal fans, its has the harder edged rhythm's that can hold their own alongside any contemporary band, the hard rock melodies and lyrics should keep the band accessable to fans of rock as opposed to metal.

I dont think that there is a bad track on this cd, and once again Nightvision along with countless other Uk bands prove that there is plenty of life in the Uk rock and metal music scene!!

Highly reconmended

Website - Nightvision
Rating - 10/10

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