Saturday, 30 July 2011

Stone Soul Foundation - Electric Valley

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Stone Soul Foundation (independant)

Track listing -

01. Sidewalker
02. Christian
03. Electric Valley
04. Aint No Mystery
05. Song About You
06. Window
07. Mountain of Time
08. Next Flight
09. Gonna Try
10. They Are Me
11. I Master
12. Song About You (Radio Edit)
13. I Master (Radio Edit)

"Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Grand Funk Railroad meets Metallica, Wolfmother, and Queens Of The Stone Age" is how Stone Soul Foundation have been described, all I can say is that Electric Valley, the third release from Stone Soul Foundation, delivers first class hard driving blues groove riff-heavy rock with the vocals to match.
Theres plenty of variation on offer here, but there is also an underlying quality that keep all the songs moving along, its no wonder that these guys were picked out by Classic Rock magazine to be amongst the ones to watch for 2011.
A great band with solid songs performed to perfection, A very solid release that captures all the right elements from the late seventies hard rock giants, mixes them up a little and releases them with a contemporary edge.

A great album, well worth checking out!

Website - Stone Soul FoundationRating - 9/10

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