Saturday, 7 February 2015

Danko Jones - Fire Music (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Bad Taste Records

Track listing:
01. Wild Woman
02. The Twisting Knife
03. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
04. Body Bags
05. Live Forever
06. Do You Wanna Rock
07. Getting Into Drugs
08. Watch You Slide
09. I Will Break Your Heart
10. Piranha
11. She Ain't Coming Home

Danko Jones are back with a brand spanking new album in the form of Fire Music, and what can I say? Its fucking brilliant!
The Canadian trio have made a living out of straight forward angst filled, punk fuelled rock music, and Fire Music continues that theme superbly.
The album opens with Wild Woman, which is by no means a bad track, but it is a little Danko Jones by the numbers and could have fitted on any of the bands previous albums.
Next up is The Twisting Knife, now this is a really great song with a little bit of a Misfits feel about it. Melodic but with a real punk edge to it, bloody well love it!
Gonna Be A Fight Tonight follows. This is a great song and an obvious choice for the albums lead single, showcasing the bands trade mark angst and attitude, no wonder it was chosen as the theme song for this years WWE Royal Rumble!
Next we have Body Bags, another fast tempo-ed punk onslaught and great song ta boot. Once again with a little bit of a Misfits feel to it.
Live |Forever follows, slowing the tempo a little to a trade mark Danko Jones mid-tempo rocker.
Next we have Do You Wanna Rock which proves itself quite possibly to be one of the band’s most adventurous songs to date, with its ska like bridge / chorus and extensive cowbell!
Next up is Getting Into Drugs, lyrically not my favourite track on the album, but putting that a side its still a great fun Kiss-esque song.
Watch You Slide sees the guys pick the tempo up once more with its excellent AC/DC like riff, another great song.
The albums ballad follows in I Will Break Your Heart, with its  brilliant '50s / '60s blues groove buried beneath the walls of distortion.
Piranha is another excellent fast paced angst fuelled work out that leads brilliantly into the albums closer, She's Ain't Coming Home. A great song that which features a full-on tip of the hat to Danko’s love for metal with a twin / harmonized Iron Maiden / Judas Priest solo break.

this is not only a great album for the bands pre-existing fan base, but a great album for anyone who has the slightest interests in good solid hard rock music!

Very Highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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