Saturday, 14 February 2015

Thunder - Wonder Days (2015)

Genre - Classic Rock / Bluesy Rock
Label - earMUSIC

Track listing:
01 - Wonder Days
02 - The Thing I Want
03 - The Rain
04 - Black Water
05 - The Prophet
06 - Resurrection Day
07 - Chasing Shadows
08 - Broken
09 - When The Music Played
10 - Serpentine
11 - I Love The Weekend
12 - Black Water (Acoustic) [iTunes exclusive bonus]
13 - Broken (Acoustic Guitar Version) [iTunes exclusive bonus]

"One of the most popular and enduring British rock bands of the last 25 years, Thunder celebrate the release of their landmark tenth studio album, ‘Wonder Days’, by embarking on an arena tour in March 2015.
Since forming in 1989, the Londoners have established themselves among the genre’s most consistent attractions, notching up some twenty Top Fifty singles and cultivating a well deserved reputation as consummate live performers. Having been feted by W Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses and Whitesnake’s David Coverdale, their first two albums, ‘Back Street Symphony’ (1990) and ‘Laughing On Judgement Day’ (1992), both were certified Gold in the UK.
The group’s first studio album in six years, ‘Wonder Days’ reminds us why Thunder are now more popular than ever before. With a lineage dating back to the cream of hard rock – Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Who and Deep Purple – and song writing greats such as the Kinks, The Beatles and The Faces, the band’s sound is a timeless marriage of unforgettable melodies and sheer rock power.
Thunder’s legend has grown ever larger with the passing of time. In recent years they have rightly become recognised as show-stealers at such open air events as Download, Sonisphere, High Voltage and, earlier this summer, at the Calling Festival on London’s Clapham Common, where they received a reaction every bit as reverential as that of bill-toppers, Aerosmith.
The phrase ‘band of the people’ is overused, but in Thunder’s case it rings perfectly true. They’re back in our lives because people want to hear them, but also due to the sheer joy of playing music together."

Let us forget all about the bands bio and just concentrate on what we have here in "Wonder Days". For their 10th studio album, Thunder's focus seems to be on a blend of reminiscence and party time music, armed with a crystal clear production and a bunch of great songs in their timeless tradition, like a natural child of Bad Company playing their rooted Melodic Hard Rock enriched by many influences that are coming from the warm bluesy rock (“The Thing I Want” or “Black Water”) with an attractive pace, then shift to some hard rockin' infused songs (“Serpentine”) to some more acoustic stuff (“The Rain")
We have a typical Thunder ballad (the rather superb “Broken”), a few typical British Hard Rock anthems (“I Love The Weekend” or “Chasing Shadows” in the style of  early Whitesnake) but also heavier numbers such as the title track, “The Prophet”, that sounds like mid-Nineties UFO, or the last part of “When The Music Played” which is quite enjoyable and surprisingly strong.
“Resurrection Day” is another sublime and ambitious cut, another proof that Danny Bowes is a fantastic vocalist, indeed it's his voice with his soulful rendition and his faultless performance that uplift the whole album.
"Wonder Days" is a real return to form for a band that have almost become a British institution. I've only ever really heard them sound this good on two other occasions in the past, that being their stunning debut, "Back Street Symphony" and 2006's excellent "Robert Johnson's Tombstone".
Its good to have the guys back, lets just hope they decide to stick around for awhile to come now!

Very Highly Recommended!!

Rating - 10/10

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