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CHIP Z’NUFF - Strange Time (2015)

Genre - Classic Rock
Label -
Track listing:
01. Sunshine
02. Rockstar
03. Strange Time
04. Dragonfly
05. Still Love Your Face
06. F..Mary..Kill
07. Anna Nichole
08. Strike Three
09. Hello To The Drugs
10. All Day And All Of The Night

Bonus EP With Steven Adler:
11. My Town (Bonus Track)
12. Yesterday (Another Wasted Day)
13. The Game (Bonus Track)
14. Tonight We Meet (And Now We're Going To F***)
15. The Pain Is All on You
CHIP Z'NUFF is finally stepping out into the spotlight with his first ever solo album, "Strange Time", is out today February 3 and includes a fantastic line-up full of special guests like Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, Slash, Steven Adler (of Guns N' Roses and Adler's Appetite), and Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons and Frank Zappa) among others.
 The 10-song record takes a step away from Enuff Z’Nuff's signature poppy metal sound, and takes on heavier guitars and more classic rock / psychedelic elements. With a collection of songs that waft from mellow vibes and sounds to more crunching tunes, Chip Z'Nuff pours his heart and past into this album.
Some of the disc's highlights include the opening cut, "Sunshine" which waves the listener in with a gentle, laid-back matured groove, then the next two songs, "Rockstar" and "Strange Time" (written by Z'Nuff and Trent Reznor) flow together almost like scenes in a movie.
"Still Love Your Face" has a catchy rhythm, the track with the more Enuff Z’Nuff feel and specially designed for fans of the band.
"Anna Nichole" is a haunting short instrumental, and the rootsy "Strike Three" will be playing on repeat in your head after just the first listen.
A grooving version of The Kinks' classic "All Day and All of the Night" - featuring Cheap Trick's Robin Zander on guest vocals - rocks in a great way, while the first single off the album called "Hello To The Drugs", a hazy, bass pumped rocker including vintage keyboards.
Then there's a thriving bonus 5-track EP collaboration with drummer Steven Adler, a project announced some years ago but never properly released... until now. And glad they did it.
This is a more hard rocking material, like the urgent "My Town", the infectious "The Game" (classic Enuff Z’Nuff), the groovy and fun "Tonight We Met (And Now We're Going To F*ck)" featuring Slash and Dale Bozzio, and the atmospheric "The Pain Is All On You" written alongside Adler and Paul McCartney.
In addition to this, his first solo album, Chip Z'Nuff is also writing an autobiography as well. And I'm sure he will collect there all these years of experience as musician.
And that is what happens on "Strange Time" too: a compendium of Chip Z'Nuff's vast influences through various Rock related genres put into disc. And we have as plus the 'Adler Z'Nuff ' project, which really worth a listen.
The songs on display here show case a maturity that can only come with experience, making the album a strong contender for album of the year in my eyes!
Highly Recommended
Rating - 10/10


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