Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Almighty - Soul Destruction (Re-F#@kin' Issue) (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Spinefarm Records

Track listing:

Disc 1 - Soul Destruction
01 - Crucify
02 - Free 'N' Easy
03 - Joy Bang One Time
04 - Love Religion
05 - Bandage Knees
06 - Praying To The Red Light
07 -Sin Against The Light
08 - Little Lost Sometimes
09 - Devil's Toy
10 - What More Do You Want
11 - Hell To Pay
12 - Loaded

Disc 2 - Bonus Tracks
01 - Free 'N' Easy (7" Edit)
02 - Bodies (Sex Pistols Cover) (B-side)
03 - Hell To Pay (Acoustic Version) (B-side)
04 - Devils Toy (7" Edit)
05 - Bad Temptation (B-side)
06 - Loaded (Live UK 1991)
07 - Little Lost Sometimes (Radio Edit)
08 - Wild Road To Satisfaction (B-side)
09 - Crucify (Live UK 1991)
10 - Detroit (Live UK 1991)

Here we have the re-fuckin' issued version of The Almighty's second album, Soul Destruction. This album saw the band heading in a slightly more polished commercial direction, thanks in part to the albums producer, Andy Taylor (Thunder, Duran Duran), which sounds even better with the excellent remastering treatment that it has received thanks to Spinefarm Records.
Coupled together with the original album, that contains many songs that would become firm fan favourites, such as Crucify, Free 'N' Easy, Devil's Toy, Sin Against The Light and Little Lost Sometimes, is yet again a bonus disc. This bonus disc contains all of the relevant B-sides etc that are appropriate to this album. These include 7" editions of Free 'N' Easy, Devil' Toy  Little Lost Sometimes and the bands bruising rendition of the Sex Pistols classic Bodies. We also get other b-sides such as  Bad Temptation and Wild road To Satisfaction together with the acoustic version of Hell To Pay and a few live tracks.
Again the packaging contains some excellent liner notes, once again written by Malcolm Dome, together with some great shots of period interviews and reviews.

Once again this is a great release, representing a great band in great form with an album that should have propelled them on to mega stardom.

Very Highly Recommended

Rating 10/10

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