Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Almighty - Blood Fire & Love (Re-F##kin' Issue) 2015

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label - Spinefarm Records
Disc 1 (Blood, Fire & Love)
01 - Resurrection Mutha
02 - Destroyed
03 - Wild & Wonderful
04 - Blood, Fire & Love
05 - Gift Horse
06 - You've Gone Wild
07 - Lay Down The Law
08 - Power
09 - Full Force Lovin' Machine
10 - Detroit
11 - New Love Sensation
Disc 2 (Blood, Fire & Live)
01 - Full Force Lovin' Machine
02 - You've Gone Wild
03 - Lay Down The Law
04 - Blood, Fire & Love
05 - Destroyed
06 - Wild & Wonderful
07 - Resurrection Mutha
08 - You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Disc 3 (Bonus Tracks)
01 - Destroyed (Demo B-side)
02 - Lay Down The Law (Demo B-side)
03 - Full Force Lovin' Machine (Demo B-side)
04 - Destroyed (Radio Version)
05 - Love Me To Death (B-side)
06 - Blood, Fire & Love (Metal Version)
07 - Wild & Wonderful (Live B-side)
08 - Lay Down The Law (Live B-side)
09 - Power (Killer Watt Mix)
10 - Power (Live B-side)
11 - Power (Dub Mix)
12 - Thunderbird (B-side)
13 - Good God Almighty (B-side)
14 - Power (Friday Rock Show Session)
15 - Wild & Wonderful (Friday Rock Show Session)
16 - Destroyed (Friday Rock Show Session)
17 - Thunderbird (Friday Rock Show Session)

Before his embarking upon a solo carear and fronting  bands such as Thin Lizzy and Black Star Rider's, Ricky Warwick was the lead vocalist and chief song writer of a little UK band, modestly calling themselves The Almighty, who are now reissuing their back catalogue through Spinefarm Records.
Now there are reissue's, and then there are Re-Fuckin' issues! Those great people at Spinefarm Records have just reissued the first two albums from 1990's legendary rocker's The Almighty. What can I say, This the lovingly remastered, (seriously this album sounds awesome!) and complete with great liner notes by Malcolm Dome!
As I have already said the remastering is excellent, really capturing the raw power and energy of the band, allowing us to re-live those moments of hearing the band in all of their glory as they burst onto the UK (and world wide) rock scene back in the late 80's / early 90's. Blood , Fire & Love was a stunning debut album, and hear we get to hear it in all of its glory, together with a remastered edition of the live EP, Blood, Fire & Live and a bonus disc that collects together the various single B-sides and Radio Sessions appropriate to this release. Although there does appear to be one emission, that being the track Wild Angel, that was released as a b-side to Wild & Wonderful together with Thunderbird and Good God Almighty.
Its great to see and hear songs like Thunderbird, Good God Almighty and the long sort after Love Me To Death on CD after all these years, without them being poor quality vinyl rips, and by God do they sound good!

This is a great place to start for anyone interested in checking out the early work of Mr Warwick, (why not as this is where it all began!) and a great opportunity for fans to update their collection.
This could very well prove to be my favourite release of the year!

Very, Very Highly recommended!

Rating - 10/10

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