Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 10 EP (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Pop / Punk / Extreme / Alternative
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - No One Smiled At Me Today
02 - Hot Piss
03 - Caer Urfa
Bonus Demos
04 - Frankenstein 2000
05 - Without Emotion

So here we are, the tenth instalment of Gingers mighty G.A.S.S. project, what a ride its been so far, and its not over yet as there are still two more instalments to come!
The first of the brand spanking new tracks this month comes in the form of No One Smiled At Me Today, (Featuring Jimmy Ashhurst – bass & vocals, Mark Gemini Thwaite – guitars & vocals, Robin Diaz – drums, Rami Jaffee – organ, Mike (Bull’s – Eye) Bowen – vocals, Kayla Parzynski – vocals). Recorded by the same line up as last months Friends Of Bill whilst Ginger was in the USA, (a line up that someone has given the name Elizebeth). This is a cracking song, a great melodic rocker, I understand why so many fans are hoping that this line up turns into something a little more permanent as there is definetly a certain chemistry there! A great song that does not disappoint.
Hot Piss is up next, a perfectly disjointed affair very much in the veins of Gingers previous Mutation projects. A great song that features the talents of  Jon Poole – bass and vocals, Denzel – drums and vocals, Chris Catalyst – guitars and vocals, Jake Adams – vocals, Jasmine Adams – vocals, Taylor Graley – vocals, Daisy Vanbergen – vocals. If you enjoyed the mutation albums or Endless Nameless by The Wildhearts you are sure to love this. Disjointed and manic but not overly distorted!
Caer Urfa closes out this months new tracks. Its a beautiful melodic track that features the talents of, Robin Guy – drums, Paul Ronney Angel – mandolin and bouzouki, Big Lou – vocals, Matt Nasir – piano, Hannah Rickard – accordion, fiddle and vocals, Kevin Vanbergen – hammond organ, Thea Brook – vocals. This is a great song that sees Ginger turning back the years lyrically, as he looks back to his early years. Another great song!

Now for this months demos:

This months demos are Frankenstein 2000, the last of the three songs that Ginger wrote for Alice Cooper that never got used. (The other two being Molly O Lindy and Friction In My System), and Without Emotion.

Ginger explains:

"FRANKENSTEIN 2000 – I wrote this verse about a model I was briefly seeing in Japan, called Summer, so the ‘Frankenstein’ line was originally ‘Summertime’. It was a lovely song originally, and although the relationship didn’t last long the melody stayed and I eventually used it in Save Me, on the Yoni album.
The line “but when you walked into the room the audience forgot the sound, and looked around” was absolutely true, and happened as me and Willie were playing an acoustic gig in Tokyo, and Summer walked in. I always loved that line."
"WITHOUT EMOTION – Matt Sorum approached me to write a song for a proposed solo album for Cherrie Currie, ex Runaways (who’s mentor, Kim Fowley, sadly passed away recently. Lovely fellow). It’s funny, all the way through our email conversations I realised Cherrie thought I was a girl. I don’t know if the male reveal lost me the gig or she didn’t like the song, but she didn’t use it anyway.
Givvi Flynn, on the other hand, sang the demo (recorded by Jase Edwards) so well that I was happy to let her record it for her solo album ‘Thieving From The Magpies Nest’."

What can I say, both of these songs are great. I actually think that I prefer Frankenstein 2000 to the song that that the melody eventually became. (Save Me). There just seems to be something magical here that I really connect with, it really is a pity that Alice didn't choose to record these three songs, or even that Ginger never chose to record them properly for that matter.
As for Without Emotion, I have always loved this song, ever since I first heard the version that Givvi recorded for her album, Thieving From The Magpies Nest! Here we get to hear how Ginger envisioned the song I guess. Its still has basically the same feel, just maybe slightly heavier guitars, buts a great song and performance. Would have been interesting to have heard Ginger on vocals though.

So once again Ginger knocks it out of the park and delivers a phenomenal product with this months instalment, although to be honest I don't think that we have had a bad instalment so far!
Just a real pity that it will all be over in two months time (for the time being anyway!)

G.A.S.S. has proved to be a huge success with Ginger so far delivering 30 brand new songs in ten months together with over 20 demo tracks, all of the highest standards and no fillers in sight!

Rating - 10/10

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