Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Silent Sirens - EP Review

Silent Sirens are a punk pop/rock emo outfit hailing from CHICAGO, Illinois in the good old US of A. This self titled ep is a pretty good effort too!

Opening with 'The Getaway', which is a mid tempo rocker, and very much sets the standard for the rest of the Ep. 'The Mess We Make' follows, upping the tempo and this song really shines! the other two tracks are 'Red Light District' and 'Bombs Away' all of the same high standard.
The thing here is, Silent Sirens just dont offer anything different from a whole host of other emo outfits out there on todays music scene. What they do do though, they do very well, the songs are all good strong songs, (Bombs Away being the rockiest and my favorite of the ones on offer here!), they are well played and well produced.

If you like emo then Silent Sirens wont steer you wrong, if not steer clear.

rating 7/10

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