Sunday, 30 August 2009

John Taglieri - The Lives Ep review

The brainchild of musician John Taglieri, “Lives” was born of a series of songs written in early 2009. Taglieri and his co-writer Brad Whitley, in the midst of writing what was to be the second in a string of EP’s, realized that they had a storyline in their latest round of compositions. Taglieri took the storyline idea and mushroomed it. Contacting storywriter Gil Gonzalez, they formulated the EP/Book combination, with each track correlating with each chapter of the book released with it. Taglieri then contacted long time friend and graphic designer Tony Marchesani, and brought him into the project to handle the graphic novel side.

Chronicling the lives of fictional characters Cate Alston and Max Knight, “Lives” will follow them from their introduction and meeting onto a two-year journey of life and all of the ups and downs related to it. Self professed rejects, Max and Cate were always unlucky, both in life and love. Stumbling into each others lives starts a journey of discovery, and honest soul searching that takes them across the country.

Musically its very melodic, guitars very understated, drawing all your attention to the vocals (obviously as its telling a story lol)
the song writting here is of a very high standard as is the musicianship, but concelpt albums rarely do it for me, as you always need to listen to the entire album as opposed to finding certain tracks that you just fall for...

A good ep to compliment the book and graphic novel, but I dont see me listening to it in anyother capacity then as back ground music. Sorry not my thing.

Rating 7 1/2 / 10

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