Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Upper Class Bastards - No Bless Oblige Review

Upper Class Bastards, formed in 2005 by lead vocalist Charlotte S, leans more to the traditional rock 'n roll side dealing more melody and hooks with a punkish vein and less of the sleaze or glam. Charlotte's vocals fit well with the sound having enough grit to rock, but sometimes not enough power rise above the music.
Upper Class Bastards are nothing new, but they are becoming a large part on Italy's growing Glam/Sleaze Scene.
Every song here on No Bless Oblige has redeeming merits coming mostly from diverse compositions that offer punk nastiness (Trip or Burnout), pure catchy rockers (Slash, Idol of Myself), and heavier bits with fast tempos (Out of Time Hero). Some songs simply throw unexpected curves like the bouncy, almost rockabilly, Bang Bang, or the atypical, but solid and traditional melodic rocker, Excuse My French. Besides the fine arrangements, the other star is guitarist Luca Spagnuolo who has a well-developed style that, like the compositions, transcends your basic rock guitar solo.
At time Upper Class bastards bring to mind Princess Pang, with the female vocals trying to straddle the power of the music like a harley davidson.

A great self released album

Rating 8/10

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