Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Glass Spires - Glass Spires Review

A new fusion in Metal Music brought to you from Madrid, Spain, Glass Spires brings forth a new vision to the essence of Rock/Metal blending the aggressive skills of Melodic and Progressive Metal realms with stellar Power Rock song writing skills of decades past. These five members debut with their first work comprised of eleven solid tracks that will slap a big smile on the face of all fans of heavy music.
If you're looking for technical excellence, If you're looking for music that makes you feel something more than just high energy, and a little over self indulgent in the solos then Glass Spires could be for you.
Glass Spires offer up some good prog rock/metal ala the likes of Dream Theatre, so if thats your thing then you'll love em.

Not quite my cup of tea, but if these guys learn a lil more restraint then i could see them doing well on the metal festival circuits!

rating 7/10

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