Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lance Skybaby and Friends - Kick In the Teeth Review

Lance Skybaby hails from Ol' Newbury town deep in the heart of west Bershire. After playing the scene fronting a variety of bands including his last venture with 'Skybabies', he has decided to go it alone.
The result is 'Kick In The Teeth' which mashes his influences up really well making it hard to pin him into a specific catagorie. Theres punk, rock, reggae, country and plain old retro rock n roll here, all mixed to perfection. The songsa are really strong and performed really well. The production is really stripped down, which although Im not a huge fan of that perticular style, works really well!
I cant really pick out any stand out tracks here because all five are all bloody excellent!

Check this guy out especially if your a fan of The Yo Yos and Chasers, as I think your love him!

Lance gives the best advice though, just sit back, grab a beer, turn it up and enjoy!!!

rating 9/10

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