Thursday, 22 October 2009

Arbogast - Certainties and Doubts

Arbogast are a band, but more of a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Svante Widerström.
Certainties and Doubts is a classic rock album, with the band wearing their many influences proudly on their sleeves, influences that clearly include, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, REM, which is bad thing. The vocals are strong the music solid, the guitar solos amazing at times, but something just seems to be missing. At time many of the 11 tracks on offer here begin to feel a little samey if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that there is no variation, or that the songs are no good, its just there's no real stand outs here, not to my ears any way.
Certainties and Doubts is not without its charms, and I do like some of the softer moments, like 'Steal Me Some Luck', I just haven't fallen in love with this album yet.
Again its not a bad album, and if they develop into more of a band project, then the songs may become that little bit stronger, maybe its a grower? After all life is full of Certainties and Doubts!

Rating 7/10

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