Thursday, 22 October 2009

Riot Noise - Fight The People Ep

Bristol based rockers offer up a new 4 track ep with Fight The People and these guys ain't kidding around!
The four tracks on this great EP show a band hungry to deliver, they're not here to pose and pretend to be the next big thing, they ate that for breakfast. Riot Noise could quite possibly be THE NEXT BIG THING emerging from the UK if this Ep is anything to go by!
Lead track 'Never Wrong' is a perfect rock single for the modern market, (the videos cool too!)
Its hard to describe the bands sound, they're a great modern rock band, not quite fitting into any niche's which can only be a good thing and at times they kind of sound something like a mix of classic 90's Brit Rockers 3 Colours Red mixing it up with the mighty Warrior Soul!, especially on 'Dead Behind Her Eyes'.
All four songs on offer here show plenty of promise, and I do believe Riot Noise may just deliver one of the best debut rock albums that we've seen in years! Damn I cant wait!
Catch them on tour and grab a copy of this EP!

Rating 10/10

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