Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lucky Bastardz - Hated For Who We Are

Lucky Bastardz are an Italian band very much in the vein of the mighty Motorhead, and this their debut album is not a bad effort. Unfortunately they lack the experience and song writing gift of Lemmy and Co! I found the vocals just a lil too shouty, and although the songs are pretty decent at times, the vocals and the everyone louder than everyone else mentality kinda spoils things.
Live these guys are sure to be pretty awesome, I just think they need to learn a little restraint in the studio, and maybe get the guidance of a great producer.
Don't get me wrong, this is bar no means a bad album, its more than decent especially for a debut release, I guess its just not my cup of tea. Sorry

Give it a spin if you like garage rock and motorhead you may love it!

rating 6/10

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