Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lions In The Street - Lions In The Street

This album has been a long time coming from these guys from Vancouver. After what must have seemed like a dream start to their recording career, signing with a major label and being courted by various big name producers, its taken years of law suites and lawyers to get them out of a contract and this excellent debut self titled album released to the public.

Lions In The Street play that Classic rock with a heavy dose of Rolling Stones flavour!
To be honest any song here could have made it on to any of the Stone's classic albums.
Great classic rock with a slight touch of southern flavour at times.
This album should appeal to rock fans from every generation, what with its heavy Rolling Stones influence, yet sharp contemporary sound.

Get these guys onto a major world wide tour and with the right exposure they are going to be huge!!

Rating 10/10

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