Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sparkling Bombs - Spray Paint Players

Spray Paint Players is the third album released by French Glamsters Sparkling Bombs.
They play that poppy glam rock with a strong 70's inspiration, and they play it really well!
To my ears Sparkling Bombs sound very reminiscent of fallen British 90's hopefuls, Last of The Great Dreams. They play a similar kind of music, which is refreshing. I love the deceptive opening track ' Beauty Hides The Lies' with its beautiful piano intro, other great offerings include 'Gun Metal Grey', 'Spatters Spider' the groovy 'Purple Bubble Boogie', 'Down' and 'Motown Junk'.
Sparkling Bombs are a great band, playing fun glitzy pop rock, a band you can thoroughly enjoy listening too! Nothing new really but fun just the same.

rating 8/10

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