Sunday, 11 October 2009

Julie the band - An Act Of Communication

Julie is the long term culmination of a friendship between front man Ethan Blumenfeld-James and guitarist Dustin Bath that dates back to their high school days. Originally a drummer, Blumenfeld-James stepped out in front with the addition of Mark Milan, Jon Spence and Adam Alessi. The band has never looked back!
Also all the group members of Julie also have the fact that they have all worked behind the scenes in television in common. They have some pretty famous fans too, including Kirsten Dunst, Stephen Bochco, Angela Lansbury, Jack Osbourne and rapper Obie Trice, whom has even collaborated with the band on a remix of their track 'Fogging Up A Clear View'.
An Act Of Communicationcomes across as an effervescent and artsy alt-rock album, that floats from the extremes of lush etheric choir vocals to abrupt post-punk skewered beats. A horn section adds depth and flavor to this eclectic mix. This has to be one of the best releases of the year!

Rating 10/10

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