Sunday, 28 February 2010

Various Artists - Saints and Sinners

Saint and Sinners is a 21 track compilation album put out by Wolverine Records showcasing the talent they have on their rosta. Artists featured include, 'The Strawberry Blondes', 'B.Mike Zero', 'Out Of Luck','Ramouns', 'Turbonegra',' Rumble Club',' Pipes and Pints', ' Francine',' Ripmen', 'Hybrid Children', 'The Sewer rats and many more.

Its a great and varied compilation with some great songs on it, but like all compilations you end up feeling why choose that track and not........

A great introduction to the bands on the Wolverine Records Rosta
Give it a blast you may discover a band that rocks your world!
website -

rating 9/10

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