Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Everything We Left Behind - Pull Back And Go

This is the debut 7 track mini album offering from Bristol based punk rock four piece Everything We Left Behind. First thing that I have to say, is that Everything We Left Behind manage to combine the best elements of both the pop punk and punk rock genre's and filter out all the annoying bad points, like over / under production and soulless songs. The songs on offer here are sure to satisfy their already growing fan base and attract many new fans. Sometimes things get a little messy when the band try a pure punk rock track, but tracks like 'Big Thanks to the Sun' , 'Untitled' and 'Believe Me' show that this band have a lot of quality and have enough quality to draw the listener in and hold them their threatening not to let them go!
Everything We Left Behind are a rawer, more punk-orientated experience than the pop-punk bands currently in vogue. If you're an old-fashioned punk-rocker whose hankering after something a bit more melodic, then Everything We Left Behind could be right up your street.

Rating 8/10

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