Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Restruct - Built Back Up From Self Destruction

Powerful, lyric driven rock songs with a message that cover a wide spectrum of styles to create an album that you can play all the way through and enjoy. From high energy rock to acoustic, music for any time or mood. The name of their CD is Built Back Up From Self-Destruction, a creation of cleaver word play on the name of the band. The members of Restruct have been steadily making a name for themselves catching the ear and attention of fans while touring and by achieving airplay. It’s not hard to see them in the ranks of alternative giants such as Default, Puddle of Mudd, and Nickleback with songs like The Brim and Change. The Brim is an acoustic based song with melodic violin accents.

It is very rare that you see an album that has such a great mix of sound from rock, acoustic to metal. If you're into Three Days Grace, I would recommend this album.

Rating 9/10

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