Sunday, 21 February 2010

Top Hat Alleycat - Top Hat Alleycat's Most Triumphant E.P

Top Hat Alleycat are a 5 piece rock band from Norwich UK, They play a kind of rock heavily infuleneced by the glam rock of the mid to late 80's, and they play it really well. Opener 'Red Light City' is a nice up tempo rocker, a great opener that is quickly followed by 'Day By Day', which is another great m,elodic rocker telling to "live your life, day by day, cuz you never know when you'll be taken away", a truer sentiment could never be said / sang!

'Friend' closes out this three track ep, its a slighty slower tempo, almost power ballad I guess. Top Hat Alleycat have some great songs on display here, with a kind of poor mans Poison / Motley Crue / Wrathchild / GnR sound production wise, hell Id love to hear what these guys could sound like with a production budget of one of the aforementioned bands!.

A great fun diversion from the horrors of day to day life, well worth checking out.

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Rating 8/10

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