Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ashtones - Mainline Rockets

Imagine what would happen if you crossed Motorhead, The Almighty and The Sex Pistols, well you might just get Ashtones!

Basically its straight forward garage rock with a great punk ethos and mentality, and a great ear for a tune, hailing from France.
Songs like 'She Goes Commando', 'That Greasy Spell', 'Ace of Slut' (which I guess is a kind of ballad!), 'The Biggest Prick' and 'Shit in My Blood' are great representations of what the band are all about. This album contains two covers, 'So Bored With The USA' and an excellent version of the Demolition 23 classic 'Hammersmith Palais'.
The songs have so much energy and passion that seeing these guys live must really be an experience
If you like your rock loud, dirty and proud then I see no reasons why you shouldn't love this cd!

Highly reconmended!
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rating 10/10

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