Saturday, 13 February 2010

Edge Of Forever - Another Paradise

Edge Of Forever are a melodic hard rock band hailing from Varese, Italy. Another Paradise is their third album and see's the band hitting a new vein of energy. Opening with a tour d' force that is 'Distant Voices' this album really gets off to a good start. The Songs are very well written and the talent of the musicians just oozes from each song. Walter Caliaro comes in to replace previous guitarist Matteo Carnio, but the biggest change is that the bands highly-skilled keyboard maestro Alessandro Del Vecchio has taken on a dual role by becoming the bands lead vocalist. It is a move that seems to have paid off well for EDGE OF FOREVER because Del Vecchio’s melodic and soulful voice is perfect for this type of music. The bands overall sound hasn’t changed that much from 2005’s LET THE DEMON ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, it’s just been refined and finessed, which is aided by a great production that also owes its thanks to Del Vecchio. 'Another Paradise has a bit of a heavier edge to it, but is again a great song. The song that will really appeal to fans of the AOR genre is 'Lonely', this song really is a gem! My personal favourite track has to be 'Eye Of The Storm', again a brilliantly crafted song that has a real epic feel to it!

Fans of melodic rock and aor should love this album!

Rating 10/10

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