Tuesday, 9 February 2010

FM - Wildside EP (2009)

Released to coincide with Firefest VI there is an urgency and purpose on this track that typifies the best melodic rock. This Ep contains 3 studio recordings and 5 live tracks showcasing the bands many talents and diversity. The 3 studio tracks, title track Wildside, Dangerous (new Recording) and Does It Feel Like Love (Acoustic) really do showcase the bands diversity. Wildside is a little heavier than the Fm that we may be used to, but that's no bad thing, it still sounds very much like FM and really is a great song. Dangerous is made readily available in its studio format here for the first time, its a great song but can usually only be found as a live B-side. Giving Does It Feel like Love the acoustic treatment really does show off both the songs and Steve Overland's ever-expressive vocals.

The live tracks give us a little reminder of the FM live experience.

This EP really does prove that Fm are back, and in a big way, not just on an nostalgia trip. They've updated their sound a little to make it a little more contemporary yet managed to keep all the essential elements intact so that they remain true to themselves and still sound like FM.

website - http://www.fmofficial.com/fmofficial/index.htm

Rating 9/10

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