Sunday, 21 February 2010

Smirnov - Privetearihi

California, LA is where Smirnov hails from bringing us a bluesy classic rock similar in places to The Black Crows, Early Alice Cooper, Voodoo Johnson maybe even Terrorvision and Tenacious D only with a very quirky sense of humour in the lyrics. Tracks like 'Angel', 'Saddest Boy in The World', 'Take It To Marz' and 'Rebelz' really showcase this guys talents.

Privetearihi is a great album thoroughly enjoyable with some great songs on it, id love to see this guy live if and when he ever gets over to this side of the pond.

As I said fans of any of the bands that I mentioned above should find something to love on this album, highly recommended!

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Rating 9/10

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