Monday, 8 February 2010

SORA - Desire and Truth

Sora is the band name of skilled Canadian guitarist Erol Sora. Desire And Truth is the group's 2nd album and follows 2006's Demented Honour (released by the now defunct MTM Music). The line-up for this release is Erol on all vocals and guitars, Jay Solyom on drums, Brendan Mooney on bass, and Gregory MacDonald on keys.

Desire and Truth gives us ten tracks in the classic rock mould. Musically they are all great, and there is some blistering guitar work especially in the solo's. Vocally, I cant but help that this album would have benefited from a really strong vocalist, I'm not saying the the vocals are bad, they are far from it, its just they sometimes fail ti really capture you, letting a couple of the songs fall into the average area. Songs like opener 'Taste Of Rock & Roll' and 'Diamonds In The Wind' show what this band are capable of, unfortunately the remainder of the album rarely matches these heights.

Not a bad album and worth checking out, but its not going to set the world on fire!

Think Michael Schenker, Whitesnake, Rainbow Saxon, or Glenn Hughes with a cold (Vocally) and your not going to be far wrong.

Rating 7/10

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