Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Brew - A Million Dead Stars

The Brew are one of the most exciting, vibrant and talked about bands of recent times. Hailing from Grimsby (UK) and influenced by the experimental music of the 60’s, the trio have transfixed audiences wherever they have performed, while also being tipped for greatness by many mainstream reviewers.

Primarily a bluesy classic rock jam band, their sound brings the likes of Hendrix, Led Zepplin and The Who to mind, but there's enough freshness and quality in the songs to ensure that you don't end up feeling like they're trying to rip off their idols.

The Brew have the songs and the potential to be absolutely massive and they are yet more more proof that there is a varied healthy and vibrant music rock music scene bubbling underground in the UK!

Rating 10/10

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