Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hovercraft Pirates - When Our Wake Hits Your Shore

With cameo appearances from rock legends Rick Wakeman and Alice Cooper, as well as having a wicked band name, expectations for Hovercraft Pirates album were already reasonably high. Tracks such as ‘Strangest Creatures’ and album finale, ‘Addictions’ provide perfect examples of the bands pure and unrelenting talent, whilst ‘Til The Turnpiece Melts’ conjures up images of packed mosh pit's and bodies flying everywhere!

Hovercraft Pirates have been described as 'Nu-Rock from the Irish trio, breaking the moulds of genres. " Tracks effortlessly craft a melodic, yet mature sound - that breathes influence of rock and roll history in every note!'

but what I say is that Hovercraft Pirate are a great alternative / punk / rock band and with When Our Wake Hits Your Shore, they have succeeded in creating a loud rock album that isn’t afraid to roll with the punches.

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rating 9/10

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