Monday, 3 May 2010

Chris Laney - Only Come Out At Night

Chris Laney returns with his second album, and much like his debut album, Pure, and most of his production work, he once again wears his influences high on hi sleeve. We're talking Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Def Leppard, and a very health dose of 70's glam rock. At times this album has a sound not a million miles away from Def Leppard crossed with Wasp, and its bloody fantastic!
'Only Come Out At Night' is a hard rock monster, and upon hearing this album you can understand just why Chris is such a highly sort after producer, in fact he has recently been involved with the works of  Steevi Jaimz, H.e.a.t. and Crazy Lixx, to name but a few!
Opening track, 'Only Come Out At Night' sets things of with a Zeppelin type riff, and is a real beast of track setting the mood perfectly for what is to follow, and just what follows is 11 tracks of pure hard rock heaven!
There's not a duff track anywhere to be seen on this album, the production is spot on, the musicianship is amazing, and the songs are un-nervingly brilliant, especially when you consider just how busy this guy is! Just where did he find the time to write these gems?
Stand out tracks include 'Only Come Out At Night', 'Rockstar', 'Eyes Out Poppin', 'Playing With Fire' and closer 'Daydream'.

rating 10/10

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