Sunday, 16 May 2010

Widespread Panic - Dirty Side Down

Dirty Side Down, is the 11th studio album from US Rock / Blues /Jazz band Widespread Panic.

The band have been together an amazing 24 years, yet somehow they managed to slip under my radar, and judging from the first couple of listens to this album then damn, Ive been missing out. The band offer a up a kind of jazzy southern tinged blues rock, that's pretty unique to my ears. The songs have a very laid back feel to them, especially on the likes of 'Saint Ex', 'Dirty Side Down' and 'This Cruel Thing', yet the maintain a certain energy that keeps you captivated.
This is a very strong album, and great for those times when you just want to mellow out, this is perfect chill out rock!
Check these guys out, you may discover you've been missing out like I have!

website - or

rating 9/10

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