Sunday, 2 May 2010

Calabrese - They Call Us Death Calabrese III

You could summarise this review by stating "If you love the Misfits you'll love 'They Call Us Death', but that would be unfair as there is so much more to Calabrese.

As the band tear into the opening (and title) track of the album, their self styled Damned meets Misfits meets Ramones B-movie Gothic Rockabilly vibe is evident for all to see.
'Blood Of The Wolf' has a pure channelled aggression that wouldn't be out of place on a hardcore bands album,
This Calabrese's third full length album is easily as good as its predecessor's, if not better, and if your into a Misfits inspired Gothic / Punk / Rockabilly onslaught (less the Danzig Esq crooners) then this album maybe right up your alley!

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rating 8/10

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