Sunday, 2 May 2010

GU Medicine - Lords Of Oblivion

Yorkshire based noise merchants, GU Medicine return with their third full album in the form of Lords Of Oblivion, and one of the first things that you notice about Lords of Oblivion is that it dispenses with gimmicky drawn-out intros, launching straight into a convincing showcase of its classic heavy rock pedigree!

Lee Storrar’s howling voice has a pure raw honesty about it, and the entire album possesses this unrelenting groove that just pulls you in. Yes the lyrics are a little clumsy and spinal tap / steel panther Esq at times, but you just dint seem to mind as the band bludgeon you with their Motorhead / Wildhearts inspired musical assault!

Stand out tracks ‘Lords of Oblivion’ and ‘Lighting Up The Skies’ are real gems of tracks, really bringing the album to life, that's not saying that the others aren't as good, the entire album is great.

Whilst Lords Of Oblivion is unlikely to become a classic in the annuls of Rock History, it’s a fine body of work nonetheless.

Plus they're amazing live!

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rating 9/10

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