Sunday, 16 May 2010

Violent Arrest - Minute Manifestos

24 tracks of high energy hardcore British punk! Featuring former members of the legendary 80's punk outfit Ripcord, Violent Arrest give us all 24 tracks in just under half an hour, yet each one is a perfectly formed little gem, filled with energy and angst!

'Kill Me First', this albums opening track, really does set the stall out for this album, fast angst file punk with great big catchy hooks. The songs are great, the band is pretty hot, and well what else can I say. Violent Arrest are a British Hardcore Punk band delivering just that. If you like punk, and are getting tired of the watered down stuff the American so called punks have been putting out over the past few years then this album could just very well be for you!
Check It out!!

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rating 8/10

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