Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lunar Dusk - 4 track Promotional EP

Lunar Dusk are (presently) a one man Gothic / Electronic / Alternative band formed by Ariel a former member of London based goth/industrial/dark electronic band Cryptonic Love Revival. This self produced and released promotional Ep features 4 tracks, 'Temple Of Ishtar', 'Blood and Tears', 'Saturn' and 'Tranquillity'. The songs are pretty strong, lots of keyboards, electronic piano, fuzzy guitars and Ariel seems to have a little bit of David Bowie type of croon about him places. The production is ok, a little murky at times, but for a one man show this Ep is quite impressive. Id love to see what this guy could come up with given a full band and a bigger production budget behind him!

Think Type Of Negative, Acey Slade, Plastic Toys and you wont be too far off of the mark!

website -

rating 7/10

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