Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day Of A Thousand - Infinity EP (2014)

Genre - Progressive / Technical / Melodic Metal
Label - Glasstone Records

Track listing:

01 - Intro
02 - Ignite
03 - Elephant Bird
04 - Life Astray
05 - Dazed & Desolate
06 - Contigent

Day Of A thousand are a young (their average age is apparently just 16 years old!) Bristol (UK)based metal band who play with a confidence and maturity that is way beyond their tender years.
Infinity opens up with a great little instrumental intro, which brings to mind Mark Snow (composed The X-Files theme) to start with before the guitars burst in towards the end. Ignite follows, and if Im honest its awesomely intense and sets the scene well for what is to come.Elephant Bird sees the band take their foot off of the intensity peddle for a moment or two during the chorus where vocalist Josh Gallop shows just how versatile his voice is, with some great melodic lead and harmonic vocals. The quality performances and songwritting is maintained as the band storm through Life Astray, and Conigent, albeit whilst throwing in a few twista and turns along the way. The biggest stand out here for me has to be Dazed & Desolate, a beautiful track where the band really do lay off the agression and allow the melodies to provide the intensity. A great track, and the Ep's ballad if you will.
Day Of A Thousand manage to comine the best elements of the melodic metal / metalcore sound with some awesome electronica elements, giving them a rather inique and refreshing sound. Almost Fear Factory meets Mark Snow for a jam! Infinity is a very strong statement of intent from such a young band that are showing tons of potential to become one of the big players in the future metal scene.

Rating 9/10

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  1. This is indeed a brilliant EP. Melody, heaviness, atmosphere and great electronics all rolled into one, these guys could go very far :)