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Jizzy Pearl (Love Hate) - Crucified EP (2014) Review

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze / Glam / LA Rock
Label - Self Released

Track listing:

01 - Hanging You Out To Dry
02 - Sunny Day
03 - You're Making Me Nervous
04 - I Don't Want To Be Your Baby
05 - Love Is All
06 - Too Late

So this was originally intended to be released as a Love/Hate product, but due to legal reasons Jizzy has opted to release it as a solo release. The reasons for this he explained in a recent Metal Sludge article,

"  Why did I change the Love/Hate record to a Jizzy Pearl record?

Simply put, because dealing with ex-members isn’t worth the hassle. I don’t want to spend thousands fighting over a band that makes hundreds. This isn’t Queensryche, or Great White, we’re not talking about a band that makes $12,000.00 or $20,000.00 a night. You know why the 2 L.A.Guns didn’t sue each other? It wasn’t worth the money to sue each other, period. Now cut that money in half and you get Love/Hate. But there are some people out there who still think Love/Hate is the “Golden Goose,” Some people think that Love/Hate sells T-shirts like Iron Maiden or Motorhead. Some people still think MTV plays videos…unless you’ve gassed up the van and done the tours Bang-Tango style like I have then I guess you don’t really know.
So here’s the deal–I’ll do this last and final tour as Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate or Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate, whatever fits, the fans will know who is and who isn’t in the band. After that we’ll put the whole thing to bed and I’ll never play with any of these ex-members again. And to prove how lucrative it is touring in a van I invite all the Love/Hate ex-members to form their own Love/Hate’s, why should I have all the fun eating at Waffle House breakfast lunch and dinner, driving for hours every day hung over and getting ripped off by promoters? C’mon get off the couch, put on those old leather pants from the ‘Blackout’ video and come ‘Live the Dream’.
If there can be two Great White’s and two Queensryches why can’t there be four versions of Love/Hate! It’ll be like the four KISS records.
As for me I look forward to a great 2014 with a great new band, great guys, great stages, great production and food that doesn’t come out of a tube.
I love Love/Hate–The fans are great, the music was superb but in the end ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle…
Jizzy Pearl"

The Ep opens with "Hanging You Out To Dry" which has a typical Love/Hate feel to it, maybe the vocals are a little too high in the mix for me, but a solid song that brings back memories of Blackout....and Waysted In America. "Sunny Day" is up next, with a slightly more polished sound, still very much with that Love/Hate feel. "You're Making Me Nervous" follows, and this is one of my favourite tracks on this ep. It really does capture that old Love/Hate magic, a great song that reminds me of the likes of "Don't Fuck With Me" et all. "I Don't Want To Be Your Baby" is the Ep's ballad, or should that be anti ballad? A great song.
"Love Is All" is up next with its exotic eastern intro. this is a real classy track and again one of the strongest songs on offer. I Love it!
The Ep closes with "Too Late", another classy well polished song. A real gem.

But dont just take my word for it, here is what Jizzy has to say about the Ep, track by track!

"Jizzy Pearl on 'CRUCIFIED'

Hanging You Out To Dry - “A song about the infamous Hollywood Sign stunt from the viewpoint of the Crucifee himself. The vibe is simple, I tried to get back to the start, a bunch of young kids banging out loud musical joy in a little room and the singer in the middle, one microphone, testifying to the World.”
Sunny Day - “A love song to my girlfriend, plain and simple. Usually I had to break up with my girlfriends to get a good song out of them but not this time, thankfully. Sunny Day is old School Love/hate psychedelia."
You’re Making Me Nervous - “A fictional account of every man’s idea of a bad date. The lyrics come straight from the horse’s mouth as he watches his Friday night fantasy crash and burn."
I Don’t Want To Be Your Baby - “This is a twist on the traditional Power Ballad where the guy not only doesn’t get the girl, he doesn’t want the girl."
Love Is All - “My Led Zeppelin roots come out on this one, all those Kashmir days and nights huddled around the peace pipe. I got to stretch out a bit and do some cool things musically that you can’t normally do in a 3 minute pop song.”
Too Late - “A song about someone near and dear to me who f**ked up. You can’t go back to high school, you can’t go back to those glory days of youth. You just—can’t—go—back.”

Its a problem about the legal issues, and the original band members not being able to put their differences aside, but here Jizzy delivers an Ep that is truly worthy of the Love/Hate stamp of approval, lets just hope thast the Love/Hate fans, and indeed all rock / sleaze fans give "Cruicifed" the chance it deserves as there are some real gems on offer here

Rating - 9/10  (one point deducted for the mix, would have loved the music higher in the mix on the firth couple of tracks!)

Catch Jizzy Pearl On Tour!

Jizzy Pearl UK Tour 2014

Mar 06: Norwich Waterfront
Mar 07: Belfast Diamond Rock Club
Mar 08: Aberdeen Moorings Bar
Mar 09: York Fibbers
Mar 11: Edinburgh Bannermans
Mar 12: Edinburgh Bannermans
Mar 13: Newcastle Think Tank at Digital
Mar 14: Bradford Gasworks
Mar 15: Sutton Diamond
Mar 16: TBC
Mar 17: London Underworld
Mar 19: Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
Mar 20: Ebbw Vale Institute,
Mar 21: Buckley Tivoli
Mar 23: Northampton Attic


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