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Johnny Lima - My Revolution (Limited Edition) 2014 Review

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Melodic Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01 - My Revolution

02 - Happily Ever After You
03 - You're The Drug I Wanna Get High On
04 - Fill You Up
05 - Blame It On Love
06 - I Cant Love You Any More
07 - Tell Me Lies
08 - Couldn't Be The One
09 - Nowhere Left To Go
10 - Dirty Girls
11 - Show Them Who You Are
12 - Into The Light
13 - Deeper Into You
14 - Maybe You're Right, Maybe It's Wrong
15 - Naturally Beautiful

Its been a long time since we last had the pleasure of a new album from Johnny Lima, in fact its been five years since he released 2009's "Livin' Out Loud". Finally he now follows that excellent album with a fan funded release in the shape of "My Revolution", and what a strong album it is too! The album kicks off with the title track "My Revolution" - a pounding rocker which sounds quiet epic at the beginning. A great start for the album with a huge chorus. The following songs "Happily Ever After You" and "You're The Drug I Wanna Get High On" (feat. Julian Angel on lead guitar) can hold that high level very easy.
When the fourth track "Fill You Up" starts we have some something new. Johnny experimented here with some electronic sounds, quite different from his regular formula, and results quite well if you ask me.
Next, "Blame It On Love" is highlight. A full-blooded melodic rocker just screaming 'hit'. In a perfect world, this cut should be played on all rock radio stations.

We then have the albums first ballad; "I Can't Love You Anymore" - and this is another winner. On Lima's previous album I missed the big old-fashioned power ballads, but here we find one of the best I've heard from Johnny's pen. The chorus is pure magic.
With two amazing hits in a row the next track "Tell Me Lies" I find this track to be solid, but compared to the others it sounds a bit generic. The next amazing tracks are on the way. That includes the enjoyable "I Couldn't Be The One", the very melodic "Nowhere Left To Go" (with great guitar fills in the beginning) and the rockin' "Dirty Girls".
On the latter I even hear some Steel Panther influences with a cool glammy hook, which is followed by another anthem: "Show Them Who You Are".
That seems to be the official part of the album, to be pressed on CD and released in 2014, but this Limited Edition offers more to enjoy...
The first 'bonus track' is the dreamy ballad "Into The Light" and believe me: you won't miss this song! It's one of the best on the record. Every lover of pure melodic rock music will cry tears of joy. Amazing tune.
"Deeper Into You" leaves also a smile on my face and makes me sing-along. Johnny has the talent to write ear worms on the assembly line. Don't know where he gets this great melodies from.
Next song "Maybe You're Right, Maybe It's Wrong" is a calm piano-ballad, where Johnny's voice is the star. He has grown in his mid-range register, coming out more mature and warm. This is probably my favourite track on the entire album, it just touches something inside of me, pure simplistic brilliance.
The Limited Edition closes with another gem: "Naturally Beautiful" chock full of Melodic Rock bliss with another outstanding riff / chorus.
"My Revolution" stays true to Johnny Lima's pedigree: Melodic Rock from the heart.
Johnny's voice still sounds uncannily similar to Jon Bon Jovi's, and at times the music does come across as a perfect balance of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, only a lot rockier! The songs are very strong, and if I'm honest I cant remember when either Bon Jovi or Def Leppard released an album as strong as "My Revolution"
Production-wise everything sounds very clear and enjoyable, putting the right spot of brightness required for a modern Melodic Rock record. Johnny Lima always delivered high quality work when it comes to production and "My Revolution" is no exception. The musicianship is also excellent, hot and tight.

Highly Recommended.

Rating 9/10

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