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Screaming Eagles - From The Flames (2013) Review

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01. All The Way
02. Down The River
03. Hungry For More
04. Fight The Fire
05. Vampire
06. Devil In The Dust
07. Rock N Roll Soul
08. One Man Revolution
09. Blood
10. Take My Time

SCREAMING EAGLES are a young four-piece combo from Northern Ireland, and despite being formed only one year ago their debut "From The Flames" shows a band plenty of cohesiveness professionalism and maturity.
Inspired by classic rock acts, (the first comparison that immediately comes to mind after listening "From The Flames" is AC/DC), the band deliver that classic rock sound only with an added sophistication that makes their sound very contemporary.
I hear several affectations in Screaming Eagle's sound, like Foghat, Free, the bluesy side of more contemporary acts such as Little Caesar or Airbourne, and of course Bad Company, fundamentally from Chris Fry which sounds like a cross of Paul Rodgers and Chris Cornell.
This band really do have a solid back line with the bass and drums locking together like cogs in a well-oiled music machine, providing the concrete foundation for which guitarist Adrian McAleenan rocks through on many an occasion with some hot finger work and complimenting the tracks with consistent tone and chunky riffs.
The music in "From The Flames" is direct, straight hard rockers in the very traditional way. Nothing new, but all really well played and arranged in a catchy way, with a lively feeling that so few acts manage to capture today.
The energy is unleashed from the go with "All The Way" introducing us to the powerful and bluesy pipes of Fry. "Down To The River" rocks in a hard-boogie swag, while a total raw passion outcrop through the darkness of "Devil In The Dust".
These in your face hard rockers are driven by the intense riffage of McAleernan, who finds more room for soloing primarily in "Fight The Fire" and "One Man Revolution". There is a strong Rolling Stones essence within the penultimate track "Blood" which gives us a glimpse of the rock 'n roll these boys have in their veins.
"From The Flames" offers 10 classic hard rock tunes full of energy and rip-roaring attitude, but quite 'polished' in its delivery.
Screaming Eagles deliver in "From The Flames" an album stuffed with well written executed songs, showcasing the talent of the musicians involved, excellent for such a newly formed band!
Recorded in Ireland but mastered in California, the production in "From The Flames" is fabulous for an independent self-managed product, to be honest far superior to many major releases.
Really Good Classic Hard Rock, nothing more, nothing less.

Very Highly Recommended

Rating 10/10

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