Saturday, 11 January 2014

JAMES LaBRIE - I Will Not Break EP (2014) Review

Genre - Heavy metal / Hard Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01 - I Will Not Break

02 - Unraveling (Digipack bonus track)
03 - Why (Digipack bonus track)
04 - Coming Home (Alternate Mix)
05 - Jekyll Or Hyde (Original demo - Japanese bonus track)
06 - Just Watch Me (Original demo - Japanese bonus track)
07 - I Tried (Jason Miller Remix)
08 - Over The Edge (Mutrix Remix)
09 - Euphoric (NeonGenesis Remix)

(All credit to the original author)

"Monster singer JAMES LaBRIE has been a bit of a workhorse lately, with Dream Theater's eponymous album and his solo disc ‘Impermanent Resonance’ both having hit shelves in 2013. Now, he's set to release a nine-song digital EP entitled "I Will Not Break" on January 6 in Europe and January 14 in North America via InsideOut Music.
While the opening title track is the album version taken from James last solo album, the rest of the EP boasts a number of gems and unheard remixes that fans will surely love to get their hands on.
"Unraveling" and "Why" were exclusive Digipack bonus tracks from the physical release of ‘Impermanent Resonance’.
"Coming Home" features an alternate mix and the original demo versions of "Jekyll or Hyde" and "Just Watch Me" were all featured as bonus tracks on the Japanese release of LaBrie's 2010 CD ‘Static Impulse’.
Things get a real turn since track 7, as three songs also from James' previous album, "I Tried", "Over the Edge" and "Euphoric" have undergone the re-mixing process courtesy of US based electro DJ's Jason Miller, Multrix and NeonGenesis respectively.

Each artist put a unique electronica spin on their track, which will offer a fresh and interesting interpretation of songs we've all come to know and love.

Really good material."

Well worth checking out

Rating - 8/10

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