Monday, 7 May 2012

Donamorte EP (2012)

Genre - Gothic / Rock / Trance
Label - Gildrome

Track listing:

01 - Psycho End
02 - D.r.e.d.a.
03 - Cherade
04 - Can't You feel It

Donamorte are an Italian outfit consisting of Armando Ammerata (vocals), Garmo (programming and Keyboards) and Kekko (guitars) The Donamorte project came from an idea by Armando Ammerata and the fervid collaboration of Garmo (Lost Reality's lead singer) and Kekko (Lost Reality band member and guitarist).

They put together some interesting music, managing to mic Gothic Rock and Trance sesibilities together with ease and producing some great songs in the process.
Personally Id love to see them add a live drummer to the mix, but they are still well worth checking out!
D.r.e.d.a. and Cant You feel It are the two stand out tracks for me, and after hearing this EP Im looking forward to checking out the album!

Rating - 8/10

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